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Drainage CCTV Surveys & Drainage Plans

Drainage CCTV Surveys.

When the cause of a drainage problem isn't immediately obvious a CCTV camera can be inserted into your drainage pipework. Not only does this allow our engineer to see exactly what the problem is, the findings can also be made available to view online including drain sections viewed, individual line sheets of each section videoed, drawing and report of our findings and recommendations. All of which is sent via our private portal, email link showing any potential issues.

House Purchase 

CCTV is also useful in indentifying issues in a drainage system before they become more serious and can be extremely important for assessing the drainage system in a property you may be thinking of purchasing. A pre-purchase drainage survey is crucial to avoid hidden costs. The cost of any recommendations is detailed in a no obligation quotation and can often be negotiated off the price of the property. The benefits of pre-purchase surveys are increasingly noted by lenders and are often a pre-requisite for property purchases.

Don'd be caught with an undetected drainage issue. Get peace of mind that the dream home you are about to buy has no hidden surprises.

Our "state of the art" digital equipment sends completed video and reports directly from site to our office; minimising delays and allowing you to have the information necessary, quicky and efficiently.

Build Over Survey

A build over survey is required before and after building work is undertaken for an extension, new build, conservatory etc built on your property. It is a requirement of the local water authority and council planning permission will not normally be granted until you have consent from your local water authority. They require to see their assets condition, the drain, if you are building near or over. This shows any possible existing defects and upon completion of your building work, that no damage has taken place; ideal for those last minute, panic situations.

Surveys are carried out to the latest 5th edition WRC codes of practice and are supplied direct to you, via email, for you to view the entire report including video footage. The list below, give you an indication of some of the many things that can be checked by have a drain CCTV survey:

- Collapsed or broken drains

- Fat & grease build up

- Water ingress

- Broken/damaged pipework

- Root intrusion

- Water holding

- Broken joints

- Rodent intrusion

- Hidden inspection chambers

- Drainage condition for pre-house purchases

- Help locate and identify an ongoing problem

- Location of drains under trees, neighbouring properties, extensions etc

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