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Hazardous Waste (Asbestos, Sharps, Lab Waste, Fly Tipping)


Before hazardous waste can be removed from your premises, it needs to be accurately identified. You may know the exact nature of the waste and completion of the legal paperwork will be straightforward but if you are not sure then it will be necessary to refer to the data sheets provided by your supplier. If data sheets are not available we will identify the waste for you by taking a sample for analysis.

Packaging and labelling

Once identified, the hazardous waste will be prepared for transportation from your premises. We will supply/replace drums, IBC’s (industrial bulk containers) or appropriate waste containers if needed. Hazardous waste streams must be segregated and we will carry this out for you. If necessary we will re-package, re-drum or over-drum the waste for secure removal from your premises. We will supply and complete the labels for you in accordance with current legislation. 

Consignment and Duty of Care

Hazardous waste cannot be moved from your premises until the premises are registered with the Environment Agency. We will make sure you are correctly registered. As a producer of waste you have a Duty of Care imposed upon you by legislation. We take away the hassle by making sure you are aware of your responsibilities and assisting you with compliance. 


After evaluating, packaging, labelling and consigning your hazardous waste, we will supervise collection and transport it to the licenced disposal site. 

For further advice or to talk to us about our hazardous waste collections service telephone 01283 533 686.

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