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Sewage Removal (Septic Tank & Cesspit)

Grease traps are used to reduce the amount of fats, oils, greases and solids from entering the main foul sewers. The trap is installed between the kitchen and the main sewer and works on the principle that fats float on water and solids sink to the base of the unit. The outlet from the unit is designed to trap the floating grease and so only clean water can pass through to the sewer. The grease and solids remain in the device until removed and disposed of by a vacuum tanker. The service should be frequent enough to avoid fat and grease congealing in the grease trap and associated pipework and causing blockages and unpleasant odours and possibly environmental and health hazards.

We offer a vacuum tankers to empty septic tanks, treatment plants and cesspools for domestic and business premises. Our drivers and operatives are experienced using high-performance vacuum tankers equipped with long hoses to reach inaccessible tanks and fitted with jetting and wash down appliances.

Waste is efficiently removed andd taken to a licenced sewage treatment plant. A service ticket is left with the customer giving details of the work carried out and recommendations if the driver can see any possible problems arising in the future. We give you a fixed price with no hidden extras.

Septic tanks should be serviced every six months to avoid unpleasant odours, blockages, overflows, pollution and malfuncions. Cesspools need to be emptied as required.

For further advice or to talk to us about our grease trap service telephone 01283 533 686.

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